Fitness Tracker Free!

I don't even remember when first I got my Fitbit. I've had one for so long now that it had become part of my DNA. The benefits of using a fitness tracker, whichever brand you prefer, can be many. Research has shown that people who use a fitness tracker are more motivated to be active... Continue Reading →

Eczema Relief for Ya!

I had not heard of eczema until my oldest was diagnosed with it when he was a baby... such a bummer! His skin was so dry, and as he grew older, I could tell it was quite itchy. Back then, I went with the doctor suggestions which of course helped a bit, but I am... Continue Reading →

Kill’em with KINDNESS!

Oh how I love to be kind! I so absolutely DO mean it ya! The whole "kill them with kindness" phrase started swirling in my head after two people whom I respect very much mentioned the phrase in two completely different scenarios. It just got me thinking... this is so the best way to live... Continue Reading →

I miss you endlessly…

Have you ever lost a loved one? Believe it or not, not everyone has. There has been the case when someone you knew from school, work, your neighborhood or long lost relative passes away. You are human and you empathize with the loss but it doesn't hurt you because there was no emotional connection with... Continue Reading →

Dreadful Commutes!

Well, you have probably noticed that most of my posts are cheerful and on the positive side because that is the kind of person that I am and if I find myself gearing in a different direction, I push myself back to happy land where it's all sparkly and unicorns are pooping rainbows. My life... Continue Reading →

The Many Looks of Kim

One of the things I am ridiculously daring with is my hair. I know many women who care about their hair a big deal. Most of them have long hair, and cutting an inch off is a big deal to them. Me on the other hand, don't mind experimenting with my hair. Maybe that's one... Continue Reading →


So on my last post I used the word "flawsome", have you heard about it before? I am sure you have! We are all flawsome! Like totes, a bunch! To be honest with you, this word didn't come into my life until about a month or so ago as part of my fitness community. But... Continue Reading →

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