Finding balance

So remember how this page was about my fitness journey? Well that has changed. A lot. I am still working to become the best version of myself but so many things are going on that it has been hard to keep up with anything and everything. Let’s recap so it makes more sense:

  1. I welcomed baby no. 3 in late August last year
  2. I work full-time job because this is the Bay Area and I doubt we could give our family the quality we want with just one income
  3. I went back to college to earn a certificate in Graphic Design… this will take a while btw!
  4. I have an amazing Pinterest board with recipes I am desperately trying to cook for my family because eating is still essential to live
  5. I need to workout so I can reach my fitness goal
  6. I need time to do fun activities with my kiddos

So as you can see, I have a lot going on at this time. And the only way to accomplish it all is to find the right balance. This post is about my plan to do just that.

Let’s start with the basics: sleeping! You need to be rested to be functional. I mean it! Unlike a car that can ride until the gas tank hits empty, our energy output is not the same with a full tank of energy than with half thank and even less with an empty tank. My little one is not a great sleeper yet. He went from waking up twice for feedings at three months to waking up every hour and a half at five! Usually they sleep more as they get older but he missed the memo. He is now waking up one time only for night feeding he is almost seven months old. My point here was, for the last two months my sleep has been horrible and I haven’t feel rested in a while! Now that he is sleeping better I am planning to go back to the gym in mornings. More on that to come.

Another basic: eating. I seriously do not know nor can imagine how certain people can “forget” to eat all day. Seriously? How? I mean it, how??? The problem that I have is that when I lack sleep and I am low in energy, I run to food for comfort and that is not okay. Nope. Not at all. Not even the tiniest bit. With the baby sleeping better and as he has gotten older that he can entertain himself with toys, I am having more time to cook on the nights that I am home. This is super important! The easiest way to make healthy choices is to be prepared with healthy choices. When I have the time to meal prep, my meals are on point most of the time. I rarely give into cravings and don’t have to run through the drive thru for choices.

Another basic: family time. I don’t know about you but it drives me insane that my kids prefer to spend tons of hours in front of a screen. Whether is the TV or the computer, or kids shows or computer games, I hate if they spend more than 1-2 hours in that. The only way to keep them away is to take them to the park, for a walk, or to play outside. But for my sanity, I can’t just let them play outside unless I can sit with them to keep a close eye on them. And of course, while I am there might as well play catch with them too! Finding time to do this when you barely have time can be challenging, but this is what we are trying to figure it out so let’s add this one to the list, shall we?

Now let’s move to necessities. First need: work/commute. Don’t get me wrong, I would absolutely LOVE if I could get paid for not working but that is just not how the world works. Bummer! If you are a financial guru who knows how to make your money work for you even when you sleep, please show me how! But if you are like myself, regular mortal kind, and need to be part of the workforce to earn a paycheck, let me tell you, it sucks but you are not alone! Sure I would love to be an stay at home mom. WOULD. LOVE. IT! But life is expensive, and we are not wealthy to do that right now so both  my husband and I work. It happens and it is totally acceptable. Some workplaces are more flexible than others. Maybe you need to be at the office at an specific time or maybe you can work from home. Whichever way works for you it will certainly require a specific amount of time that you have to dedicate to it. So you need time for that assuming you work a regular 40 hours workweek + 1 hour of commute time daily. Let’s add this one to the list.

Second need: growth time, aka study time. I just recently attended a seminar at work. The guest speaker was the new SVP of Finance. He has held several strong positions over the last 20 years with a different company. He shared his success story to motivate us to aim always for more. One of the things he mentioned and he said were extremely important for any person to achieve greatness was to never stop learning. Those guys who basically own large parts of the world (you know who I am talking about) have one thing in common regardless of the industry they conquered: they learn something new every day! He said they save at least one hour of their busy day to learn more. Whether is something new or to become the expert in your current field, never stop learning. Which is why I decided to go back to school and learn about graphic design. I am already interested so why not become an expert at it and who knows, it might mean another income so let’s put some eggs on that basket! I know school isn’t for everyone, but learn something new every day. A new recipe, a new skill, a new something! Let’s add this to the list for sure.

Third need we are adding and probably the last in our list of important stuff because the rest are wants not needs is health. Now health is many things. Is eating right, working out more, staying active constantly, sleeping well, mental state, spiritual state. You need time for this. All of this will give you great health. You have to make time for this important stuff. Trust you me. This is not me typing my opinion, is research speaking through me. Did I mentioned I am taking a wellness class online? Oh yes, I am doing that too! The book I am reading for the class talks about this and how when we can’t find the correct balance we stress out which leads to several bad things that include chronic diseases, increase/loss appetite and/or weight, lack of sleep, swing moods, and you know all that crazy stuff stress makes us do. So we need time to be healthy because it is not all DNA or environmental circumstances, is what we to do balance and clean our bodies. Let’s wrap the list and make a plan now.

Everything I mentioned are actual needs we have because that is our nature. To find the balance you have to first learn the difference between the things you want and the things you actually need. For instance, I would love to get a mani at least every other week but I am not going to die because I haven’t had one in 4 months. Natural is cool, right?! Once you realize which things are wants and can be postponed or pushed to the bottom of the list, you can focus on the important stuff. For me to fit on my busy schedule all the stuff I need I have to learn to compromise in certain things because the day only gots 24 hours ya! This is how I do it:

  • Make a schedule and stick to it. I have an alarm set up on my phone to go off at 6pm every night before my kids go to school. When the mimi alarm goes off, we know is time to start the night routine. Is that simple and by 9 o’clock we are all in bed (as long as baby cooperates of course).
  • Plan your meals. Whether is your work lunch or family dinner be prepared for it. When you don’t have a plan you settle for convenience which can easily translate into McDonald’s and heck no, I don’t think so! The same thing happens when you go grocery shopping. If you don’t have a list of the ingredients you need to prepare such yummy meals, you will end up grabbing a bunch of unnecessary stuff like chips, ice cream, cookies, more ice cream, more cookies!
  • Cook meals ahead of time. If you have a crockpot, then use it! My husband and I have a list of crockpot recipes for dinner. Throw everything in the morning and set to low and when you come home, dinner is ready! PLUS, leftovers are great for work lunch next day!. You are so very welcomed 🙂
  • Take turns with your partner. If my husband is cooking, I am spending time with the kids reading or working on homework, and the other way around. He is your partner! Get him involved if he is not yet.
  • I go to school two nights a week and when I come home kids should be in bed. Even it the plan fails and they are waiting for me (this has happened more often than I wished) kiss those kids and tuck them in! These are precious moments so enjoy them! These nights I might not to go to bed by 9 but for sure by 10, and that is still okay my dear. Again, learning is so important. Education is the one thing no one can take away from you. You are not a nerd, you are smart! And even if you are a nerd, you know shhhtuff, so awesome! Invest time in learning, is really, really, really, really good for you
  • On weeknights, I have my cellphone around because of work. My boss sometimes texts me changes for the next day and I do check work emails for about 10-15 mins every night and do a final check of his calendar. BUT on weekends, I don’t even carry my cellphone sometimes! Why? Because that little maniac is such a distractor! I stay away from social media as much as possible and gave up on any phone games. Waste of my time! I do share the occasional “heck, these kids are too darn cute!” picture but I don’t post 842 pictures per day! HECK. NO. TO. THAT! Trust me, a lot of your precious time is wasted on paying attention to your cellphone. Here is some of the time you can spend learning instead. Checkmate!
  • Separate work and personal life. When you are work be all work. When you are at home, be all personal stuff. Do not bring your work home, and do not take your personal problems (if any) to work. Is part of the balance and it is so very good for you. Always remember, your company does not care about your emotional health and balance. They are about profit. Don’t compromise your well being for your work. Ever.
  • Take turns. Like I said, I can’t make one hour available every day for the gym but how about if 3 days of the week I sleep 1 hour less and put that hour into a workout? I think is a fair compromise. You can also eat your lunch just a bit faster and go for a little walk. Do this every day and your body will thank you the fresh air and activity. I don’t know about you but sometimes I watch a show via Netflix on my cellphone during lunch. And I finish my meal, but I still got time so let me finish watching this episode. NO! Put the phone down or in your pocket, and instead take the walk I just mentioned. The bit of time is there, and is up to you what to use it for. Sure maybe once a week watch Netflix but stay active the other days if you can.

These are some of the things I got for you. This is a work in progress. Not every week is perfect or easy. Sometimes the balance happens better than other times. Just keep going. Just keep trying. Every day is a new opportunity to rock it so go for it!

Comfortably working out while pregnant

work it out

So you need to get your tushy moving while your belly is growing and your entire body is going through a hormonal roller coaster craving ice cream with pickles? Yiaiks! The benefits of working out while preggos are many, and thanks to Google I got the following ones for ya:

  • You’re likely to gain less weight
  • You have more energy
  • It might make labor and delivery easier (sorry, no guarantee!)
  • It might ease many of the pregnancy “side effects” such as leg cramping, swelling, constipation, gestational diabetes, sleep problems, prenatal depression
  • You will feel more like the hot mama you actually are and not the whale you can sometimes see on the mirror
  • Baby is likely to be born with less excess body fat (no, your huha doesn’t want to push a 10 lb baby out!)
  • Baby may grow smarter (yup, recent studies say that)

So clearly there’s at least one or two things that sound tempting right? Well, go for it and get your booty moving while your body is very nicely taking care of making a perfect baby! Now, don’t get me wrong, just because is good for you it doesn’t mean your body is willing to cooperate since it might be distracted say… making a baby! Not to worry about it darling! You can make a difference and keep yourself and baby healthy during pregnancy. Remember, your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t go. Talk pretty to yourself. Remind yourself why is good. When  your body says, “yeah no thank you” (and it will, I promise), convince your body that is the only choice. Again you don’t need to workout for hours, but at least 30 mins of physical activity are good for you and you should strive for that every day because your body deserves to feel its best!

It can be something simple like walking. You can go for a walk with hubby, a friend, kids if you have any, your dog if you have one or two or how many. Or you can try something else like swimming, taking a yoga class, use some light free weights and get those muscles going. Whatever you feel like doing is what you should do. And this is the part where this post comes about. Feeling comfortable while you are working out!

I started using my pre-pregnancy workout clothes during the first months. They still fit so why not? I did for as long as I could. Then you know the belly was kinda getting on the way. I was rolling my pants under my belly so the belly wasn’t feeling “pinched” by the waistline. However, this isn’t very comfortable after a little while. It could be two things, at least for me: my hips weren’t holding the pants so they kept coming down or the actual pants waistline was smaller and not as stretchy so it would hold at my hip area but it would also be too tight. So I decided that while is nice to think you still fit in your pre-preggos clothes, it just wasn’t comfortable and it was time to get maternity workout clothes. Brilliant, I know!

I don’t consider myself cheap but also I am not willing to spend more than needed in things, especially clothes. Sure Seraphine’s luxury maternity jeans ($109) are probably nicer and cooler and all you want better than Target’s maternity jeans ($34.99), but I am simply not willing to pay for the extra “nicer” in this case… or any for that matter. So I did my research and found out, or was reminded rather, that maternity clothes are expensive! The difference between now and the last time I was pregnant, is that I know many new websites that sell stuff at a discounted price such as Their inventory is limited, sales are final, and you wait a bit longer than normally for items to be shipped but once shipped you get them fast! So I found some deals that seamed reasonable to me and placed my order. Below are my choices and feedback in case it is helpful to any of you. I worked out (elliptical and weight training) in all three of them.

Choice 1: Honey B  ($12.99)

This are my least favorite ones of the three pants I ordered. They fit fine. The fabric is not that stretchy see-through kind (good for me). Very comfortable on my legs and I like the length a lot. This came in third because of the waistline. While is stretchy and will give in more as my bellow grows, it hits me at the belly button. I personally don’t like that because this tend to put too much pressure in that area and that is not comfortable. Additionally with a lot of movement it rolled down to below my belly and I don’t like that very much.

Option 2: Dynabelly ($11.99)

This are my second favorite ones. I tend to use capri length for workouts but is actually nice to have the full length. Stretchy and comfortable. The waistline hits me right at the top at the belly which is great! Is very comfortable not to have any type of pressure on or below the belly because that’s where the lil one hangs out all the time, so this fit is perfect! Overall very much satisfied with it including the price.

Option 3: Topsport ($19.99)

This are my favorite of the three! If you pay attention on the pants picture it has that overbelly coverage which is simply extremely comfortable during pregnancy! Like I said, I love capri length so that’s a plus, but nothing can bit that comfortable belly feeling. This was the most expensive of the tree choices but is at least $10 cheaper that common choices like Old Navy and Target.

So I hope you find this info helpful. Whether you’re preggos and need motivation to workout and also looking for cheaper clothing choices. Or if you’re planning to become preggos and just want to know what’s out there.

Til next time!



A healthy pregnancy… or trying to!

There are so many feelings, emotions, responsibilities, and challenges that come with pregnancy. I’m currently expecting baby no. 3, and while we had no plans to go beyond two kids, I can’t help but to feel extremely excited and blessed to be expecting again. The first thing that came to mind after excitement, and then feeling concerned about losing my new job because of a maternity leave, was that this time I wouldn’t let myself get to the same unhealthy conditions I did during my first two pregnancies. After all, I am in a journey to become the best version of myself each day, and unhealthy choices take me away from my goal.

The first months were easy and hard. It was easy not to gain to much weight this time around because I was feeling sick all the time. I admit I have some type of vomit phobia, but almost everything was making me nauseous and had no energy. The little energy I had, I used it to make it through my workday because I wasn’t ready to share the news yet. After that, i would go home kiss and hug my kids for a little bit and sleep at least 10 hours straight every day. I wasn’t exercising as often as I was used to, but because I was also not overeating, it wasn’t hard to hide that blooming seed in ma’belly!

Right after the first trimester, the nauseous were pretty much gone, but my energy levels were still super low. Since they recommend to wait until the second trimester to have a more demanding exercise routine, I was hoping to be able to head back to the gym and keep myself in the best possible shape, but that didn’t happened. I was feeling tired all the time! I had read several articles of how exercising during pregnancy is both good for mom and baby, and is safe to even continue to do weight training of course understanding that you are likely not to lift as heavy but at least to keep those muscles engaged. I took a prenatal yoga class that made me feel like in heaven. I enjoyed it because it was “soft” on my body, but it made me feel refreshed and connected with my baby. But this 60 minutes class once a week, couldn’t compared to my pre-pregnancy routine of 60 minutes 4 to even 6 times a week.

I mentioned to my OB my concern of gaining too much weight again and we had a plan. The first four months I was on track with it, but around week 20 it all changed. For starters, my appetite was back and that wasn’t always good. Not that I gave into every single craving but I was definitely eating more than before. I started going to the gym about 3 times a week and walk every day during my lunch which was more activity than I had in the past months but it just wasn’t enough. Until that moment most people had not even noticed that I was expecting but just like that, almost overnight, my baby bump was out! I am not sure if I mentally convinced myself that this meant it was all going down the drain, but my body started listening to my mind and then the weight really started to pile up.

Of course, what the doctors tell you about how much or little weight you should gain don’t automatically apply to your body and people like myself, who gain weight like CRAZY, can find ourselves struggling to keep within the range. People commenting how big my belly is and asking if I’m not by chance unknowingly expecting twins, really don’t help to feel better about myself. One thing is different this time to the ones before. While my body is trying to gain weight like crazy even though my mind is politely explaining that for our own sake we need to take it easy, I feel better about myself and my body because not only do I  know my body better now, but I have also learned to love and accept my body at every stage. I know that it might be harder to lose the weight again but I know is not impossible.

I am currently at week 24 of my pregnancy. I started using again my food tracking app, myfitnesspal, to log my meals. I am honest with it because it doesn’t really help me to lie to my app about not eating the ice cream when my body and hips know I did! I am feeling better energy-wise and started going to the gym again with my husband. He is tired too and we are going at least 3 times the last weeks, but I am definitely trying to stay active and walk as much as possible at work, during lunch, and on the weekends. I try to make healthy decisions. Some days is easier to say I don’t need this cookie, I’ll have a banana or peach instead, and some other days I let myself enjoy the cookie. I have also been trying to satisfy my tooth by having a smaller portion of the unhealthy food. Sometimes you need a bite or two for your brain to calm down and you can skip the rest.

pregnancy week 24

16 more weeks to go! I trust that while this might not a perfectly healthy pregnancy it will sure my healthiest, and last (yup, no more babies for us), of all.

Update: where have I been?

still alive

I started this blog several months back because I love to share stories. I love to share my point of view. And most importantly, I love to think my words can some day make another person a better version of themselves just as I try to be a better version of myself. After starting great, life hit me and I lost focus for a little bit… more like a big bit! In any case, I am back and ready to continue this journey for a better me.

Since my last post, several things have changed. The first thing that is worth naming is that after 8+ years working for a hotel in San Francisco, I took my chances on a new job in a well known IT company in the Silicon Valley. This decision has been one of the hardest ones of my life. Why? Well, I was so used to my “comfortable” hotel life and it was scary to leave the known for the unknown. My new position, while temporary (18 months contract), does have a chance to extend into more and even become permanent. Weighing the pros and cons of leaving my old job and having a new one was tough. At the end of the day, I decided to take a chance and try something new. We evolve in life continuously, and change can sometimes be good and necessary so I went for it!

For the first months it was not bad, but not pleasant. Changing industries is harder than it sounds. Hospitality and IT don’t work in the same way at all! There were really good things about it and some other things that seemed silly to me because it looked like people were too needy. In any case, slowly but surely I got the hang of it. I can’t say I am the absolute best admin ever but I feel beyond great with what I do, my contribution to the team, my sense of care in an industry that seems not to be very sensitive. I feel comfortable at work now, and I am not scared to ask if I have any questions. At the beginning I thought it was a sign of weakness, but I have learned that is better to make a well informed decision than guess a bad one which is what happens when you are scared to ask. I can’t say that I have made real “friends” yet, but I do have great coworkers who have been very supportive and made the transition smoother.

During the first months, I was also very much on track with my fitness goal. The commute is longer but there is more flexibility at work. When my load allows it I can leave earlier, don’t have to wait until the exact time to clock-out by using my fingerprint as I did at the hotel. Impossible to get away with that I’ll tell ya! I submit my time sheet online for my scheduled hours. This doesn’t mean I am always “stealing” time from the company because I have to check emails and update meetings at night at home. The Sr. Director I support is one hecka busy man so I just have to work around his needs which are not always 9-5.

In any case, I was doing great with my fitness goal I was saying. I had started going to a gym that is half way from my home to work so it would help with traffic in the  morning. Preparing meals as much as possible. Making healthy choices as much as I could. It was actually paying off. I had finally dropped two jean sizes since the moment I started with my goal in October of 2014. Now that doesn’t sound like a lot in one year, but every time in the past that I lost weight fast, I gained it back fast too because those silly diets don’t really work. Fitness is a lifestyle. I was becoming fit and it was showing on my clothes and the way I felt about my body, but then it came the next big surprise since my last post.

I got pregnant! I am at week 23 as I type this so more than half way done. Now, being a mommy is the best feeling in the world. I can’t explain the joy it brings to my heart and soul to witness my kids growing and feeling an amount of love that can’t be explained. I knew I wanted a third kid but living in the Bay Area is not cheap, so we had decided to stay with two until… surprise! I was so happy and so worried because I had only been at my new job for about 3 months when I found out our family was about to grow by two feet. I cried both of excitement and fear. My husband was traveling abroad when I took the test and I was scared to tell him and got him upset. But let me tell you that the man I married is the best in my world! (yup, I clarify and said MY world because I am sure everyone feels that way about their significant other) He was so sweet and loving when I told him the news. What else can we do but accept this gift from Heaven! We have friends who have struggled to get pregnant and paid lots of money for treatments that haven’t worked yet. We couldn’t say no to this blessing so we started mentally preparing for the arrival of baby # 3.

I know I stopped writing about 10 months ago thanks to the great tracking of this site and this only accounts for about 7 of those months. But you know what? I am a busy mom. I try to juggle motherhood, marriage, extended family time, work and some time for myself which is usually time at the gym. I decided to get back at this because I love doing it! And like I said at the beginning, I love to think my stories can one day help one other person out there. More to come about the new goal: fit pregnancy!




So what if you got a flat tire? Fix it!

flat tire

So you were driving down Fit Life Lane when suddenly you hit a bump on the road and boom, you got a flat tire! So what do you do?

Many see this as the end of the road. They decide is too hard to try to continue driving to make your way to “Healthy Land”, and they instead quit. Some people see challenge, whether big or small, as a sign to quit and give up. The idea that life is perfect and a challenge shouldn’t have obstacles is crazy! I mean, hello!!! This is life, and when life happens there are ups and downs and curves and twists and all kinds of crazy stuff along the way but is just part of it.

Say you have purchased tickets to an amazing show which has the absolute best reviews in the whole world. You are excited to go see what everyone is talking about. You buy yourself a nice new outfit and glam up to be at your best to enjoy the show. You look forward to having the best time of your life. You are leaving the house, walking to the theater when suddenly it starts to rain. Is not the sky is falling to pieces kinda of heavy rain, just a light rain. You decide that is a sign not to go because you don’t have an umbrella with you. So you go home, get in your bed and miss the show and experience. Do you really think you would throw everything down the drain just like that? NO, of course not! You would probably jump on a cab, or Huber these days, and get yourself to the theater to enjoy the show. Maybe your outfit got a bit wet, but while you are sweet you are not made out of sugar, so you didn’t melted and made in one, slightly wet, piece.

Kudos to you my friend for not giving up and making the choice to continue to your destination and enjoy yourself! There are many obstacles when you are trying to be healthy. People at work bring donuts and cupcakes to potlucks, your friends invite you for happy hour and you have more drinks than you should, you can’t go to the fair and not get the funnel cake, you have to eat you child’s ice cream because your little sunshine couldn’t finish it. I am sure you get the idea. We are humans, is okay if you don’t make healthy choices 100% of the time. Is okay to have an occasional slice of cake, miss one day at the gym, take the escalator instead of the stairs. The key is to understand that one “bad day” in your fitness journey is acceptable and probably necessary to remain sane as long as you get back on track the next meal or the next day.

I am sure you’ve heard of Jillian Michaels, one of the world’s most recognized personal trainers. She is very respected in the fitness community for her success story. There is one phrase of hers that I think better describes my point: “You messed up your diet and you didn’t exercise today. So what? You didn’t ruin anything. Get back on track tomorrow. If you have a flat tire, do you slash the other three? Of course not! You fix the flat and you keep going.

Before and After Jillian Michaels
Before and After
Jillian Michaels

Decision time: are you ready to become a better you?

I am not gonna lie. There has been many times where I wanted to look like someone else. How is that bad? Well, is not really. It is important however, to understand the difference between liking the way another person looks, or dresses, or wears her makeup and using her style to design your own, and wanting to become that person.

I spent a ridiculous, in my mind at least, amount of time commuting to work. During this time, about 40 mins one way with no delays, I tend to keep myself busy on my phone. I open my Pinterest app, get ideas to decorate my home, recipes, workout ideas, fashion ideas too. I also sometimes browse through funny pics just to make the commute a little better. I sometimes spend this time scrolling on my Instagram account. I look at what other people are up to. Sometimes I will find a “Pic Challenge” for a month and “participate” on it. I have a fitness IG account where I receive and give support to a great number of amazing woman who are also in their fitness journey. I leave comments, try to make them feel better, and reminding them that we are in this together. So how is it wanting to look like someone else relate to this and is bad again? Wait, I am building to it!

Of course there are gazillions of fitness accounts that feature women and men with great physiques. I am talking six-pack not just in abs but their back too (yup, there is such a thing apparently!).

back abs!!
back abs!!

It is easy to be like a child at a store when you see something irresistible and you want it and suddenly you NEED it. In this case, you see someone like Michelle Lewin, admire her gorgeous body and decided that you want a body like hers and need a body like hers. Is that bad fit mommy? No, that is great!! You need that kind of motivation. You actually probably want to have that kind of motivation. The problem becomes when people stop working on improving themselves and want to become the other person. Now THAT is the problem!

I really, really, really, really like Michelle Lewin’s body.

Fitness Model Michelle Lewin
Fitness Model Michelle Lewin

I mean she is a goddess! And while I am sure many find her WAY prettier than me, I don’t really want to become her. I love me, with the good and the bad. I love my body because it has given me two amazing kids who I am beyond grateful for and crazy in love with. I love my body because it hasn’t failed me. I have failed my body by not taking better care of it sooner. I love my life, my family, my friends… I love me! I am sure Michelle’s life might be more fascinating to some and I am happy for her success, but I don’t want to be her. She is an inspiration to me. She is a hot Latina who has worked hard to be where she is now, and I admire that. She reminds me that hard work pays off. She reminds me that I do want to improve myself. I want to get rid of some of this unnecessary and unhealthy fat and go back to a healthy weight. I am working on it. I am caring for my body by reading labels and making sure I am not eating things that will only make me sick.  I am working every day to a better version than the day before.

If you are not happy with your life, body, hairstyle, fashion style, then change it. Just like the many software versions that get, if You 1.0 is not working at one thing or another, change it. Improve it. Make You 2.0 who now drinks more water every day and hits the minimum recommended 10K steps a day. If that is not enough do more. Create You 3.0 who now takes a Zumba class twice a week and stopped drinking soda. Pay attention. Is always “You”, just new improved versions. Each version canhave as many new “features” as you wish. Sometimes there might be a “bug” like a bad haircut, but you will just have to change it and get one that works for you and makes you feel pretty!