I’d Rather Be…

Making a little time to check on my blog while at work. Hey, it happens! I organize myself well to make little chunks of time here and there and catch up on other things. It is called being organized! And as I am going through my reader I see today's challenge: What would the end... Continue Reading →

Empowered Women Empower Women

What a great time to be a woman! I mean, yes, we still have a long way to go until we reach equality, stop sexual assault and harassment, get equal pay, have more women in C-Suites and elected officials, and equal rights all over the world. But, after spending some time listening to some of... Continue Reading →

Unplugging Social Media

We are not even half way through the second month of the year and I gave up social media for most of the first. Why? Because I had wrongly submerged in social media a bit too much in the past. How do you know that? Well, when you say to yourself I will not check... Continue Reading →

A Quick Note:

Just remember: Not every day is perfect.  Not all paths are clear from obstacles. Not every shoot will  be a score. Life can be challenging, actually crazy challenging. Things get rough, actually crazy rough. And that is all okay. Sometimes we feel confident. Other times we doubt ourselves. And every here and there we struggle...... Continue Reading →

Kill’em with KINDNESS!

Oh how I love to be kind! I so absolutely DO mean it ya! The whole "kill them with kindness" phrase started swirling in my head after two people whom I respect very much mentioned the phrase in two completely different scenarios. It just got me thinking... this is so the best way to live... Continue Reading →

I miss you endlessly…

Have you ever lost a loved one? Believe it or not, not everyone has. There has been the case when someone you knew from school, work, your neighborhood or long lost relative passes away. You are human and you empathize with the loss but it doesn't hurt you because there was no emotional connection with... Continue Reading →

Dreadful Commutes!

Well, you have probably noticed that most of my posts are cheerful and on the positive side because that is the kind of person that I am and if I find myself gearing in a different direction, I push myself back to happy land where it's all sparkly and unicorns are pooping rainbows. My life... Continue Reading →

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