Eczema Relief for Ya!

I had not heard of eczema until my oldest was diagnosed with it when he was a baby... such a bummer! His skin was so dry, and as he grew older, I could tell it was quite itchy. Back then, I went with the doctor suggestions which of course helped a bit, but I am... Continue Reading →

Baby blues

Just recently I celebrated my oldest's son 9th birthday. I mean nine years?! I am sure that as long as you are busy time will pass by fairly quickly but when you stop to think about the actual changes within a specific time frame, then is like: "woa, wait what?!" So I was sharing with... Continue Reading →

Comfortably working out while pregnant

So you need to get your tushy moving while your belly is growing and your entire body is going through a hormonal roller coaster craving ice cream with pickles? Yiaiks! The benefits of working out while preggos are many, and thanks to Google I got the following ones for ya: You're likely to gain less... Continue Reading →

A healthy pregnancy… or trying to!

There are so many feelings, emotions, responsibilities, and challenges that come with pregnancy. I'm currently expecting baby no. 3, and while we had no plans to go beyond two kids, I can't help but to feel extremely excited and blessed to be expecting again. The first thing that came to mind after excitement, and then... Continue Reading →

Did I really just ate that??

So there you are. It has been, say, four days where you’ve had a nice daily workout, your meals were on point, you water intake was fabulous. You are in the top of your world! Suddenly, out of nowhere, all that hard work gone. How? Binge eating! Does this sound familiar at all? I can’t... Continue Reading →

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