No pain, no gain… is it?

I am sure you've heard this before when it comes to fitness or life even: no pain, no gain. But does it really have to be painful to be a gain? Well, let's look more into that, shall we?! I had a few fitness coaches who used this phrase especially when I was taking boot... Continue Reading →

Fitness Tracker Free!

I don't even remember when first I got my Fitbit. I've had one for so long now that it had become part of my DNA. The benefits of using a fitness tracker, whichever brand you prefer, can be many. Research has shown that people who use a fitness tracker are more motivated to be active... Continue Reading →

Comfortably working out while pregnant

So you need to get your tushy moving while your belly is growing and your entire body is going through a hormonal roller coaster craving ice cream with pickles? Yiaiks! The benefits of working out while preggos are many, and thanks to Google I got the following ones for ya: You're likely to gain less... Continue Reading →

Work in progress…

Imagine my surprise when my belly didn't shrink after my son was born... 7 years ago! I admit I did gained a bit more than I probably should have. I am talking here about a nearly 70 pounds gained over 8 months. In case you didn't know this yet, I highly doubt it, that is not... Continue Reading →

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