Why I am not into Snapchat

Yes. I said. I admit. Out loud! I am not into Snapchat despite all the noise around it. Why? Well, I am about to tell you why am I one of the few who hasn’t downloaded the app, who hasn’t created an account and who doesn’t know how to use it. Before I go into my reasons, I would like to first and foremost clarify that this is how I feel about it. I am not trying to push my opinion on anyone nor am I trying to offend the people who like and enjoy Snapchat (free speech… sounds familiar?)

So why the hate? Well, is not hate really. I promise I don’t hate it. I just don’t like it. I don’t even know all the filters that are there but let me tell you that the few I’ve seen make me go “wait, what?!” Let’s get down to my reasons:

  • The doggy. I’ll begin with a really famous one, the puppy one or doggy one. I am not much of a sticking my tongue out kinda person. And even if my real tongue will be covered with the doggy one I still gotta stick my tongue out to get that in the picture. So for me is like, “thank you, but no thank you!” I think the doggy one is not the only one where if you stick your tongue out I will add a filter to it, but anything that has sticking my tongue out is a pass for me.
  • The flower crown. I like flowers a lot. I like crowns okay. In my opinion, flowers in hairstyles give that feeling of nature, boho, even rustic, and for bridal up dos flowers are perfect! I wore a flower crown for my baby gender reveal party because I wanted to have that in-sync with nature feeling and even a bit of a goddess feeling because we were celebrating the life that was growing in my womb. The filter on the other hand, doesn’t get me interested at all. Seeing Kim Kardashian with the flower crown and her ducky lips… is just not my thing.
  • The butterflies. The same thing goes for the butterflies filter. Same feelings. Now with this one I actually I can’t help to stop and think about the fact that butterflies are initially caterpillars. While butterflies are beautiful and have such amazing colors, I only like to see them from far away, not on my hair even if that is what princesses do.
  • The pink crown is too pinky for me! Yup, that is in fact a thing! I am not very girly. Maybe that’s why I am not overly crazy about pink stuff. Any pink stuff really. I do absolutely love Agnes from “Despicable Me” and her unicorn with a pink horn if that counts.
  • The deer. Now deers are absolutely cute! I think so oh so very much! They do make me think of Christmas but apparently with these filter they have become every day kinda animals. Now this filter scares me a bit… the eyes! What in the world is up with those eyes? I think it has to do with an individual’s eye shape or how open the person’s eyes are while taking the pic but something about it just doesn’t quite do it for me.
  • The bee. Now seriously this is a creepy filter! The eyes again! What in the world? Again! And is this the one with the annoying voice? I know my voice ain’t the prettiest but that voice… not for me.
  • The alien. The eyes, the voice, the face. I just don’t want to make myself look that way even if it is a filter and it is supposed to be funny.

Clearly you get, I am not a funny person, oh well! I am sure there are a ton more, and maybe there’s one or two in there that I might like but these ones are the top ones according to google search which explains why are the ones I see the most… Now the reasons above are just, you know, things I am not into. There is, however, a bigger reason why I don’t like Snapchat and also to include any of the filters that Facebook and Instagram have now when you swipe right. It is one thing to add pretty flowers on your hair because that’s not the way we normally wear our hair, and a whole other thing how much these filters, stickers or whatever they are called distort reality. Distortion? Whatcha talkin bout Willis?!

To better show what I mean and what it comes down to me not liking the use of Snapchat or any like-filters can be better described with the picture below that I was able to create with my Instagram app.

Look at that, I’m a cute cat… or am I?

Both of this pictures were taking just seconds apart, what?! I was thinking about this new post on my blog and figured the best way to show why it doesn’t work for me was to show this. Both pictures were taking at the end of the day, makeup removed, face washed, and with a very tired looking mama. On the cat picture my skin is lighter, clearer, evenly toned, my face is also smaller. Clearly if I want to post a picture of myself, and not take the time to do my hair or makeup I can apply a filter but some of these filters change a lot the shape of the face besides of course skin tones. That doesn’t work for me. I am not perfect, and I am sure if you are a Snapchat lover you are sharing your pics with filters without pretending to be perfect. Our society has now created these expectations about beauty such as cheekbones or a pointy nose, and these filters can easily feed into that. I am not perfect, but I love who I am flaws included. I looked tired because I was tired, and that is called life. No need to cover it with a filter. My skin has spots because during most of my 20’s I didn’t care about sun damage on my skin, and now I have spots and can’t forget my SPF moving forward. You get it, right?

Filters are for some people cute or funny and used for something extra. But for others, are a cover up of their flaws because they want to pretend to be perfect. That’s the part I don’t like. That’s why I made it clear at the beginning that I didn’t wanted to offend anyone with this post. You might be on the first group or the second. That’s your choice. All I am saying is that I am part of the third group. The group that thinks we are what we are, we embrace it, we love it, we rock it. We are flawsome! If you don’t know what flawsome means, don’t worry I will talk more about on my next post.



Really strong sperm! Say wha’?

So you know my sharing style is more on the mommy life, but I heard something on the radio yesterday that I really, really, really have to share. I’ll do a short intro this time to go straight into the predicament because you wanna know that!

So listening to a Spanish radio on the way home and some type of ask the listeners segment was on. Guy was calling from Mexico with a… dilemma. He was deported 6 months ago. His wife was supposed to join him in Mexico but she won’t do it anymore because she found out she is pregnant. She is currently 3 weeks pregnant and is most definitely his baby because the doctor said a man’s sperm can live in a woman’s body for up to one year after having sex…


I am no doctor but let me tell you that sounds a bit off to me, right?! I knew that strong sperm can hang around for up to 72 hours and I even took the time to google it yesterday and learned that really strong sperm under great conditions can actually survive after 5 days, but a whole year? Sounds to me like someone got his facts wrong or actually share some wrong info.

Now let me tell you that I felt really bad for the guy calling. One of the radio hosts couldn’t help but to laugh about it because this is impossible and the other host reminded her that this was no joke to the caller who was looking for advise. The caller said: “I don’t know if I should believe it but I don’t know enough about this. If the doctor said it is possible, then I believe it is.” I am sure than more than one had made a comment to him about it because after all he was calling to ask fellow listeners whether or not this was possible. Now, this is the kind of question you should probably take to a doctor and not to a radio show but we all trust different sources and I guess he imagined a fellow listener might had the answer to this dilemma.

I was not able to wait for the listeners’ responses because you know how they start playing music and get back to it a few songs later and well I just had no time to wait. But I wanted to share about it because I truly felt horrible for this guy. Why? Because ignorance is pricey. Maybe he wasn’t able to attend school and learn about this in anatomy class. Maybe he was one of the many kids in third world countries who can’t attend school and have to start working at young ages to help the family and bring home money. Maybe. I don’t know his whole story but what I do know is that there are many people who are taken by fools because they didn’t have the means to inform themselves. This is the point that I want to bring up. We need to inform ourselves. We need to ask questions. We need to know.

Now, I am not done here. There is another part to this story. That of that woman who is bluntly lying to her husband. That woman who cheated and doesn’t have the guts to admit it. That woman who is taking advantage of her husband’s ignorance or his sincere love that trusts her beyond reasoning. Let me tell you, she is no bueno. Sure we are not perfect. We make mistakes. We break rules sometimes. But whatever drives anyone to make a mistake is irrelevant to owning our mistakes. I don’t know why this woman cheated on him. I don’t know how strong or weak their relationship is. I don’t know if he is a good or bad husband. What I do know is that someone whom he trusts told him a ridiculously big lie and he is buying it. That is not nice. She needs to own her mistake and if she feels is not a mistake that is okay. But she certainly doesn’t need to make him a bigger fool by feeding a lie.

My place is not to judge their relationship. My place is not tell him or her what to do. Is their life. They will need to figure it out together. But I do want to remind you how important it is to educate ourselves. We don’t need to know it all. We don’t need to be masters of all trades. We do need however to be able to make decisions in our own. When the time to comes to make one, we need to inform ourselves to make informed decisions. To choose truly what is best for us. ┬áThis is 2017. If you are not sure of something, do your research. Whether it comes down to an online search, a visit to the library, or asking someone you trust AND is informed, do what you must. I will highlight again that trust and informed person in your life you look for advise. I can’t ask my husband for a diagnosis when I feel sick because he is not a doctor. I can however ask him about data centers and get trustworthy answers because that is within the scope of his profession.

Really strong sperm? I doubt it. Poor dude. I am sure no one wants to be in his shoes. All I can say is let’s be nice to each other and make sure we get ourselves educated.