No pain, no gain… is it?

I am sure you've heard this before when it comes to fitness or life even: no pain, no gain. But does it really have to be painful to be a gain? Well, let's look more into that, shall we?! I had a few fitness coaches who used this phrase especially when I was taking boot... Continue Reading →

Chopping One Bit A Time

So a while ago, I shared about the many looks I've had over the years. Nearly a year ago, I cut my hair to about shoulder length to get rid of a purple Balayage because it takes too much work to keep hair purple and this mama ain't got time for that. Once it got... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday my sweet boy!

Oh how time flies... happy 10th birthday to my first born! Ten years ago, I held you and kissed you for the first time. If only you knew how terrified I was... but love is the strongest force the world possess and it has helped me throughout these years. Just yesterday I was telling you... Continue Reading →

Well, Hello There 32’s!

Happy belated birthday to me! A few days ago I turned 32. And as we know, age is merely the number of years Earth has been enjoying you, but we do too get to enjoy this life on Earth too, right?! So here I am. A step closer into mid-30's. And let me tell you... Continue Reading →

BART Thoughts…

It is a Sunday morning and I am on a BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) on my way to SF. Two of my dear friends have started their own business and are partnering today for a party. I'm one that stays away from the city as much as possible but sometimes you have to go... Continue Reading →

Pray for Guate

For those new to my blog and life, I am from Guatemala. I lived there until I was 18-years-old and then I moved to the US in 2005. And if you haven't been paying attention to the news lately, because let's face it can be quite depressing to see this world is going bananas, there... Continue Reading →

A Letter To My 23-Year-Old Self:

Dear 23-year-old me: Last night I was thinking about you. It all started when I was thinking of a belt I want to wear tomorrow night to a concert. We still have that belt and the truth is that we've only worn it a few times. Remember how you felt when you bought it? I... Continue Reading →

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